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Oldsmar Roadside Tire Change

It happens all the time: you are out cruising in your car or truck and then you hear a loud BANG followed by flap, flap, flap, flap. One of your tires has popped and you are left stranded on the side of the road. Do you have the proper equipment to change it? That is, a jack to lift the vehicle, a lug wrench to unscrew and re-screw the tire and a spare tire to replace the flat one. Even if you have the equipment there is still the question of how confident you are in changing it yourself. Do you know where to place the jack? Is the spare tire still in good condition (filled with air and without rust)? And are you confident in your abilities to unscrew the lugs and then re-screw them tightly enough to get to the nearest mechanic?

If for any reason you need help to change a tire and get back on the road then give Ack Towing and Transportation FL a call.

Tips for before and after a flat tire

The reason that most tires blowout or become flat is because of driver negligence. Tires need to be inflated to a very specific degree to work at its best. If a tire is under inflated then it is not a strong as it could be and the weight of the car could cause a blowout. Alternatively if a tire is over inflated then the tire is overstressed and has no place to put the extra pressure created from driving. It is highly recommended that you buy and learn to use an air pressure gauge so that you can check your tires regularly.

If you are not replacing all your tires and re using older ones then make sure that your best tires are on the rear wheels. If you must choose between the front and back tires then you should put your money into the rear tires because those tires are more important to create stability and avoid fishtailing.

Go to a mechanic soon after you have a spare put on. Spare tires are there when you need them but are not meant to be a permanent tire. A mechanic will be able to fix the flat tire or replace it with a tire of similar quality.

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