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You’re in a rush, you turn off your vehicle, grab the things you need, step out of the car and make a bee-line for wherever. After about the 5th step you stop, cringe and curse at yourself under your breathe because you realized you have left your keys in your car and it is locked.

First thing to do is not to be too hard on yourself. This kind of thing happens all the time. Trust us, we know. Just make a promise yourself to be more mindful in the future and then give us a call (727) 303-8101.

Can you help me if my key broke in the ignition?

Yes we certainly can. Our professionals will swiftly come to your aid and swiftly remove the broken key from your ignition.

Can you unlock a car with electric locks or side impact airbags?

Our technicians are continually trained to stay up-to-date on the latest in automotive security features and how to how to use new tools which have been designer to manage this ever evolving technology. We usually have all necessary equipment on our service trucks but just to be safe please make sure to mention the make and model.

Mention your situation

If it is an absolute emergency (there is a baby in the vehicle or an animal) please remember to mention your situation. We will prioritize individuals by need.

During your call we will mention the estimated time of arrival of your technician.

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